Rafael is an excellent worker, that manages his time while keeping a high quality of work. He was always on time with a smile on his face and worked well within the teams we were in.
– Recommendation by Shawn Luscombe, Graphic Artist, Clovis News Journal

Within my first few days at the Review-Journal, it was very apparent that Rafael was a hardworking, well-respected graphic artist. Productive, reliable, helpful and extremely friendly to those around him. And, talk about a guy who ALWAYS has a smile on his face (no matter how much work he has to do). Highly recommended.
– Recommendation by Jeff Bona, Graphic Designer, Las Vegas Review-Journal

From the minute Rafael started working with us, he brought in a positive attitude, and a superior work ethic. This guy just gets the job done, no matter how much of it is piled on his desk. Always smiling? Yeah, I have to agree with the other recommendations, Rafael has a smile on his face no matter the odds.
– Recommendation by Brian Tercero, Owner, The Very Best of Santa Fe